Entertain outdoors with a beautiful, well-designed landscape.

Outdoor entertaining areas are often an integral part of a well-designed landscape, and all over San Diego they are becoming increasingly popular among those who enjoy entertaining outdoors. These spaces allow homeowners the flexibility of entertaining friends and family in settings that can handle large or small groups of people. The yard not only becomes an extension of the home’s living area but also smoothly extends the home's atmosphere beyond the walls of the house.

In addition to the personal enjoyment of this outdoor entertainment space, people are also adding an outdoor entertaining area because of its long-term value. According to many experts, the cost of building an outdoor entertainment center can be recovered when selling a home—and in some cases a beautiful outdoor living space can help the home sell faster.

There are many things to consider when designing and building an outdoor entertaining area as the task can be difficult even for the experienced Do-It-Yourselfer. Fortunately, a licensed professional from AAA Landscape Specialists, Inc. Our experts can help you with all aspects of your project, ensuring that your creation will bring years of hassle-free enjoyment. From designing your space and choosing the correct materials to the more technical aspects of the project, you will be assisted at every step of the way down to the smallest detail.

AAA Landscape Specialists, Inc. will assist you in creating a design that marries your new outdoor area with the style of your existing home, and our design professionals will prove to be invaluable when choosing flooring, concrete, masonry accents, lighting and plant material to complement your existing décor.

Flooring and shelter may be two of the most basic elements of your outdoor entertaining area, but it is most crucial that you make the right decision about these the first time around because they can be very difficult and costly to change once they are in place. You have many options to choose from for your outside flooring: you could choose to build a wooden deck or decide on interlocking paving stones, flagstone, slate, concrete, brick or tile.

Shelter is just as vital as outdoor flooring, as you will want to be able to use your outdoor area in different weather conditions. A pergola, a gazebo, a roof structure or shade umbrellas are all options that may meet your shelter needs. AAA Landscape Specialists, Inc can show you many beautiful and stylish choices for shelter, and will assist you in making the best decision for your outdoor entertainment area.

It is likely that a good percentage of your entertaining will be done during the nighttime hours, so lighting is an important consideration when creating your outdoor living area. Lighting is a necessity after dark along walkways particularly, but good lighting is also important to cook by and to entertain guests. And, when chosen and placed correctly, the right outdoor lighting can give your entertainment area a wonderful ambiance as well.  Whether it’s tasteful up-lighting, decorative path lights to create atmosphere, or strategically placed grill and counter lights for your cooking area, there are a variety of outdoor lighting options to meet your needs.  

Outdoor heating is another option to enhance your outdoor area. Depending on the size and styling of your area, and your budget, there are a variety of options. There are simple outdoor heaters that can be a more inexpensive option, or you could opt for more of a focal point, such as an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

The barbeque grilling area can be as basic or as extensive as you want when developing your cooking space and it will be worth taking your time to pick out a barbeque that will perfectly suit your outdoor cooking needs. A barbeque that comes with side burners may be a great addition because it allows you greater versatility in the types of food that you can cook. Other popular options may include a refrigerator, ice maker, warming drawer, bar sink, kegorator, an adobe or pizza oven, beverage coolers, and smokers. For those who intend to cook outdoors quite often, it’s worthwhile to add shelving or cabinetry to store basic cookware and dinnerware in.

Outdoor bbq grilling island


outdoor bar and bbq island for entertaining

The furniture you choose for your outdoor entertaining area will depend on factors such as the number of people that you will be entertaining, your budget, and how much maintenance you are willing to do to keep it looking its best. Some of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture are timber, metal, glass and plastic. At the very least, you will need a table to dine at and enough chairs for all of your guests. Also, depending on how much counter space you have, you may want an additional small table or two for serving food or drinks. Some other popular outdoor furniture options are daybeds, chaise lounges, hammocks, or comfortable couches covered in a durable fabric of some kind.

When you build an outdoor entertaining area with one of our AAA Landscape Specialists, Inc. professionals, you can create an escape in the comfort of your own backyard. Each design ensures easy entertaining outdoors by creating an environment of relaxed formality: a mood set by lighting, fragrances from nearby gardens, sounds of water features, and a practical space that helps make entertaining effortless and enjoyable. Properly designed and built, your outdoor entertaining area will guarantee a unique, practical, and versatile environment for you and your guests to enjoy for many years to come.

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