Enhance your outdoor living with unique and inviting fire features.

Backyard landscape ideas can often be difficult, but an excellent and reputable landscape design and construction company like AAA Landscape Specialists will always help make your landscape and garden design choices easier. Many people don’t realize that a backyard landscape includes more than just your lawn and plants—it can also include an outdoor kitchen, barbecue, water feature, lighting, irrigation, drainage, soil preparation, grading,  masonry walls, patios and decks. One really nice landscape feature in a backyard is an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. What conveys the warmth of your home better than a fireplace? And what better way to bring that feeling to your outdoor living space than a custom fire feature designed around your individual and unique tastes.  An outdoor fireplace or fire pit brings friends and family together and makes your beautiful landscaped yard an entertainment area all year round. Whether it’s sitting quietly on your own or creating memories with friends,  you’ll love having an outdoor living space in your backyard to relax and enjoy a good fire.

When deciding what fire feature is perfect for your outdoor living area, here are some things to consider:

Traditional Outdoor Fireplaces

Traditional outdoor fireplaces are similar to fireplaces found in most homes. They often feature gas log sets to prevent sparks from escaping. Outdoor fireplaces typically create a more intimate environment in your backyard which is ideal for family closeness and smaller gatherings.

Fire Pits

Fire pits offer an excellent alternative to outdoor fireplaces and may better suit your landscaping needs. A fire pit is often the focal point of a social gathering of friends and family.  Fire pits can be designed and custom built by AAA Landscape Specialists in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your tastes, space, and backyard landscape needs.  Fire pits are often used as accents in a well designed landscape and can be custom built using  a selection of styles and materials, including natural stone, pre-cast concrete, slate, flagstone, brick, quartz, stacked stone and stucco.

landscape fire pit

landscape fire pit


For a real campfire feel, consider a fire pit in-ground or at ground level with a complimentary seating wall to accent and provide convenient seating.

Wood Burning or Gas fireplace?

Smoke can be a problem for some and can be eliminated or minimized easily by burning natural gas or propane instead of wood. Local building codes are also generally less restrictive when using gas rather than wood, and wood burning fireplaces often involve  more mess and clean up. Most cities in San Diego County have restrictions which will not allow the open burning of wood.  Gas fire pits are becoming more popular because the negative issues involved with burning wood are eliminated.

san diego landscape fire place


Work With The Experts

It is important to understand that outdoor fireplaces and fire pits must be safely matched to an outdoor entertainment area. When considering an outdoor fire feature, you can trust AAA Landscape Specialists to help you in every step of the selection and construction process. AAA Landscape Specialists will ensure that you choose the ideal outdoor fireplace or fire pit to best suit your outdoor entertainment needs.

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